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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scripture Memory Tips!

Scripture Memory Tips
    First of all and foremost, encourage your partner to participate as much as possible in helping you to get your memory work perfected, and vice versa. You can memorize twice as fast with a partner. If you’re married, what better quality time could you ask for?
And what better way to cement a Christian friendship by magnifying the lord and exalting his name together (Ps 34), through Scripture memorization.

Find a Bible you would like to use just for memorization, and stay with that one as much as possible, let it become as familiar to you as an old friend.
Familiarize yourself with the book/chapters/verses you’re going to memorize. The ones that will be the easiest to memorize are the ones that speak to you.

Invest in some good Bible CD's, Mp3’s (KJV by Alexander Scorby are by far the best.)

Spend more time on each verse just to make sure you have it, so you don’t have to second guess it as much in the beginning. If you have to second guess, you don’t have it.

Use the first letter of each word method, if you need to work out those stubborn verses. If you're using 3 by 5 cards I would usually write the whole verse out on one side and just the first letters of each word on the back.
  If you don’t want to not mess up your cards, use a notebook till you have it memorized and just keep a separate card with the verse on one side and the reference on the other side for quick drilling.

 Make sure if you can, that the word string that you're initially memorizing is coherent to you. If it’s too abstract, then it’s going to be a bit more difficult to retain it.
 Sometimes, in order to get the verse that's following the one you just memorized, you'll have to work in the last few words of your last verse in to the first words of your upcoming verse.

Repetition is the law memory. Keep hammering away at it and you will see success. Review, review, review!

Take the pieces of the verse that you're working with and repeat it to yourself out loud. Word by word, sentence by sentence, modulate your voice, make it come alive, understand the meaning of what you are memorizing, become a part of what you are memorizing, don’t drone on, Gods words are alive. 
In the beginning was the word, in the beginning was the word, in the beginning was the word and the word was with God" Then add more to it, till you have the whole thing, got it?

Another important element in reviewing is, to take your bible, and recheck your verses one by one every so often. It’s harder to re-memorize the right word or the right sequence of words after you have the wrong word engrained in your brain. Or have your partners check for you, it’s more fun.

There are other things you can do as well, like visualizing the words. For example: “Let us walk by the same rule” I was having a hard time getting this phrase so I pictured a bunch of people walking next to a long ruler on the ground and it stuck and still works. 

Tips for using use 3 by 5 cards. By "Bible Bee"
 You can group them in order of the books of the Bible or group them by topic:  i.e. Fear, Salvation, Holy Spirit, etc.

Two suggested methods of review.

First one:  take the new verses that you have memorized and quote them through three times a day (my 3x a day pile). Then after one week they move to 1x a day pile where I quote through them one time a day. After another week I move them to once a week pile. 

Second one: I make three piles Gold, Silver and Bronze.
 The bronze pile is verses that I have three or more mistakes.
 The silver pile is verses that I have one or two mistakes.
  The gold pile is the verses that are perfect.
So once I have been able to say the bronze verses with only one or two mistakes three times then they move to silver and repeat the same with the silver to gold

After I have done one or the other of those review systems I move them into my giant review system which is where I separate all the verses I have learned into 14 different piles. Then I go through 1 pile every single day. And I just keep working on going through one pile every day. 

For chapters, I try to do my new ones for the month, daily, and then when I feel I have them pretty well memorized, I keep at it every other day, or whenever I have an opportunity, like driving, walking etc. and then I try to do at least five or more chapters a day.

Remember, it makes the Devil mad when you discipline yourself to memorize Gods word, but, it makes God happy. Study, memorize and meditate on God’s word and you will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, bringing forth fruit …..and whatsoever you do, shall prosper. Psalm 1

These are just suggestions. When you start working on your verses you will discover your own techniques that will work the best for you. Renew your mind daily. (Rom 12:2) Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things. (2tim:2:7)

Credit to "Bible Bee"  on her review techniques listed above.