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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Alright, I am buying a monitor pa system and a mic today, and will be practicing how to use it for public demonstration. Although I wanted a wireless lapel mic, I am taking what I can afford at the moment, and trust the Lord that he will add anything I need as time goes on.

I decided on a ac power unit and not a fanny pack portable. I am a total noob when it comes to sound systems so this will be a trail and error beginning.

I am also trying to come up with an introduction and an ending to the presentation. And there may be times when I can only do this an hour at a time and will have to make several return trips to finish the whole book depending on the schedules of the institutions I will be performing in.

I can do approximately 7 chapters in an hour if I am dramatizing ( still working on that ) so I am thinking it will be a 3 hour event including the short intro and the drawing of the net at the end. So the best way to learn is by doing and praying or rather,  praying and doing, and that's what I am going to do.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Putting the Word to work!

I have been concentrating on reviewing the Gospel of John pretty intensely these last few weeks. I really want to know it backwards and forwards, eat, sleep and dream this Gospel. I finally made my decision to go and publicly use what I have learned.
I am not a public speaker and so this will be my first time delivering the Gospel of John to a live audience. And I am hoping to have my first engagement by the first of July or in July that is.

I am also waiting until I can afford to buy a lavaliere wireless mic and test it out and see how that goes with the small acoustic guitar amp I bought for a hundred bucks.
I already see some kinks that I am going to have to work out, as I now realize that I am going to have to stand in front of the amp all the time, cause if I drift to much, its going to seem weird if I am on one side of the room and my voice is coming out of the amp from the other side of the room. although I did see these portable PA"s just yesterday that you attach to your waist like a fanny pack. I wish that I would have seen them sooner.  Sigh...( not sure how good they work though )

But I am going to try and just step out of my comfort zone by faith, and trust that God will bless me and supply what I need to do the job. If I keep waiting till everything is perfect and the way I think it should be, well, I may never get out there and do anything. Unfortunately the devil is always helpful in coming up with excuses of why its not a good idea to get out there and share the Gospel.

Please pray for me. God bless you!