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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The home Stretch !

John eleven through sixteen.

Okay guys, I can't say it wasn't a battle and still is. In fact its almost overwhelming sometimes, some day's everything seems so easy.
I feel like I have it down, and the words just smoothly flow from my lips when I review, its hevenly.
Then other days like today for instance, my head feels like a ball of confusion. Everything I try to review is all choppy and second guessing and having to repeat and then look to make sure, seriously I think my head is going to explode.
The devil who I won't grace with a capital d seems to be a constant unwanted companion who I despise most vehemently with his incessant chatter of doubts and discouragement, telling me that I will never finish this.
From day one it has always been " oh no, this chapter is hard, your never going to get this, see you can't remember squat, your brain dead give it up "

See what I have to up with ?
well I ain't stopping till I'm done, I am thinking about maybe the end of January Lord willing, But I may have to tweak it a little till I can get the later chapters to flow as freely as the earlier chapters.

I try to review as many chapters as possible every day. At first I was trying to reveiw at least 7 chapters plus the new ones at least once per day but it doesent alway happen and I am working on a new reviewing formula.
when I finaly get all 21 chapters then I will do 7 a day unless I am performing.

I did get asked by the Pastor of this church I am now visiting, to recite a few chapters for the congregation for their encouragement when I am ready, thank you Jesus.

I am already looking at the book of Act's next but still praying about it.

Its all Jesus!