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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The home Stretch !

John eleven through sixteen.

Okay guys, I can't say it wasn't a battle and still is. In fact its almost overwhelming sometimes, some day's everything seems so easy.
I feel like I have it down, and the words just smoothly flow from my lips when I review, its hevenly.
Then other days like today for instance, my head feels like a ball of confusion. Everything I try to review is all choppy and second guessing and having to repeat and then look to make sure, seriously I think my head is going to explode.
The devil who I won't grace with a capital d seems to be a constant unwanted companion who I despise most vehemently with his incessant chatter of doubts and discouragement, telling me that I will never finish this.
From day one it has always been " oh no, this chapter is hard, your never going to get this, see you can't remember squat, your brain dead give it up "

See what I have to up with ?
well I ain't stopping till I'm done, I am thinking about maybe the end of January Lord willing, But I may have to tweak it a little till I can get the later chapters to flow as freely as the earlier chapters.

I try to review as many chapters as possible every day. At first I was trying to reveiw at least 7 chapters plus the new ones at least once per day but it doesent alway happen and I am working on a new reviewing formula.
when I finaly get all 21 chapters then I will do 7 a day unless I am performing.

I did get asked by the Pastor of this church I am now visiting, to recite a few chapters for the congregation for their encouragement when I am ready, thank you Jesus.

I am already looking at the book of Act's next but still praying about it.

Its all Jesus!

Monday, October 31, 2011

The book of John chapter 11

Its been a battle these last few weeks, and it seems like its been slow going but I am still making progress.
I am now halfway through chapter eleven, sort of. Its been kinda a boring chapter in some respects.

It seems, besides the raising of Lazarus from the dead, that the chapter is mostly a lot of talk and direction of UN-profound nature.

My favorite verses in this chapter are of coarse verses: 25 and 26

 25Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
 26And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

I'm not saying its a bad chapter, but it is more like a chapter setting the scene for the next few chapters, maybe ?
Its just that all the chapters leading up to this were so different and full, and made them more exciting to memorize.   I am not having that hard of a time memorizing this chapter like I thought I would, surprisingly so! Thank you Jesus!

But it is one of the last longest chapters besides  chapter 12 around 54 verses.  after 12, things will go a lot faster, lord willing.

I probably would have had a couple more chapters finished by now if I hadn't had company or had to do anything with the outside world, but that would be unhealthy mentally and spiritually no matter how much I protest it inwardly.

I am hoping to have the book of John memorized by the new year if things continue going the way they are , there are some days when my mind will drift continually no matter how much I try to keep it focused , and there are times when I am reviewing that I find myself thinking about other things at the same time, which really sucks bad.

If there is anyone out there that happens to stumble upon this blog, please say a prayer for me as the enemy has gotten a couple of good shots in that have really messed me up.

But God is with me in this project for him, I feel it and I feel his presence and he is with me , thank you Jesus.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

John Chapter 7, Revisited

I almost have John chapter 7 down.

It was a little bit harder than I thought it was going to be.
There were a few mind twirlers that my brain would not except at first, but, with mad dog persistence and the grace of God, they finally clicked in.

Ding! update

Here it is Oct 2 and I am still smoothing out the edges of chapter 6 and chapter 7.

Some days I have no problem whatsoever, and on other days it seems like I've dropped a few brain cells.

I'm pretty excited because I am going to start on chapter 8 today. And I'm getting more and more pumped up the closer I get to chapter 11, because that will mean I will be 1/2 way through the book of John.
Getting past the eleventh chapter is going to be like turning the corner and seeing the finish line in the distance,and what was a mirage a few days ago, is now becoming reality.

The Chapters should go a bit faster after chapter eleven  because they are not as long, and when I get to chapter 15, it means I can jump to 16 because I already have 15 memorized!  yay!

I think when I get chapter 9 down I will be heading to the streets to see if I can practice publicly. I have already scouted a couple places that might work.
The line at the DMV in the town I live near is always backed up outside, and the wait is atrocious, so I was thinking I could recite John there. ( nothing like a captive audience )

To get used to being in public again, I could practice downtown, but the the town is small and the foot traffic is inconsistent, but I was going to utilize a poster board to advertise the recital and sort of validate my presence and that I am not just some lunatic or lone fool  muttering things to the air.

Although I am a fool for Christ sake.

The whole purpose of this is to glorify God and be a witness and share the Gospel, so the sooner I get used to reciting in public with all of it distractions, noise and confusions, the more confidence I will have, and that, with greater clarity and focus.

Well, I have to get ready, I have been wandering from church to church searching for a memorization  partner, but to no avail so far, they just look at me like they don't know what I am talking about. So keep me in your prayers as this is an adventure not only in memorization but in a search for like minded Christians, and most importantly to seek and save that which is lost by lifting up Jesus who will draw all men unto him.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

John 7 and lesson's learned


I am finally on John chapter 7, thank the Lord!

After a grueling battle with chapter 6 , chapter 7 shouldn't be as hard. But I better not speak to soon, but I am already about 15 verses into it. Yes, I admit some of the verses are kinda short.

But, you wanna know what really helped alot ?

First of all, It goes without saying, it's all Jesus and I am so thankful! 

With that being said, having the Bible C.D"s in my vehicle really played an important part in familiarizing myself with chapter 7.  I can devour whole chunks at a time now!

There are a few passages that are mind twisters but with a bit of effort I should roll right over them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

John 6

Okay!...... Well as of this afternoon on this lovely September 19th.

Hmm, I tend to think backwards sometimes forgive me.

Its how I talk sometimes when I am nervous. People have a tendency to look at me cross-eyed when I try to speak to them on a bad mental day which is one of the major reasons I am memorizing the book of John.

Its going to help me to be able to witness without so much stumbling around in my brain.

 I'm not saying I just want to be a walking zombie that just quotes scripture. But it really is helping me with my speech deficiencies.

Anyhow, the whole point of this was to let you know that even though I had a toe hold on the last few verses in John 6,
As of this evening I am having some big trouble recalling these last few verses and they're kinda choppy , but I have total confidence that I will have it solidly in my brain in a couple days.

In the beginning when I first started memorizing John I didn't really want to tell anyone except my closest friend, because I didn't want to be like the guy who brags about something he hasn't done yet, and a good scripture for that is 1st kings 20:11 'One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.'"

In other words, the guy who gets back from battle can boast a bit better of what he's accomplish than the guy bragging about what he's going to do, but hasn't done anything yet.

Simple but true, and it seems like I have done this before in other areas in my life, and with God.

It's not the simple proclamation that" I will never drink again "after waking up with the most wicked hangover that has ever attached itself upon human flesh.
Because I distinctly remember a few more of those over the coarse of my life, and none of them were good.
In fact I can't remember one good hangover, I can't ever remember waking up and saying, man this is the best hangover I have ever had.

What I am trying to say is, that its better not to say you're  going to do something and then,  not do it. you're probably looking at me and saying, yeah, duh!

I know, but it is kinda humiliating when someone come's up and ask you, "Hey, how's that book of John coming along?" And you just kinda hang your head and mumble something
That's why I don't promise God anything anymore unless I am positively serious about keeping my vow.
The bible say's in  Ecclesiastes that its better not to make a vow then to make one and not keep it , plus in Matthew he said to swear not at all, Mt 5 :34
Its better that way if you're not going to keep your word , plus, most people just want to bargain with God  and usually end up abandoning him when he's done his part.

The crux of the matter is don't make promises that you know you're gonna have a problem keeping, but if you did make a promise to God and broke it, just pray and tell him your sorry.
For if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The best solution for your personal battles is, don't try to make a bargain with God and say , well Lord, I promise not to do such and such anymore.  Because the devil is going to take up the challenge and say uh huh, will see about that and when you fall on your face and feel totally condemned for failing, he's going to be there laughing his ass off.

Just say, Lord, I am having a battle in this, please help me over come it and  help me do the best I can.

one of the great things about the Lord Jesus is that he will never leave you nor forsake you and is always willing to give you another chance to start over.  He wants you to succeed , he''s rooting for you and cheering you on !

Do your part and the Lord will do his, and eventually your going to get the victory!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Progress Report

This is a progress report, most likely of interest only to me.

But, if you are really bored, well then you have come to the right place !

I went ahead and tried to memorize at least 9 verses yesterday. So far, I am precariously on John chapter 6:60. So now I only have 11 more verse to go! This is a milestone for me because , I will be officially 1/3 of the way through John.

Monday, September 12, 2011

How Holy will I be if I memorize scripture?

Well Lets see, I think Isaiah described it pretty well when God told him that our righteousness stinks and its about as clean as some used menstrual rags!

Knowledge puffeth up as the Bible says, but love edifieth.

If you don't have a genuine love for Jesus and the lost, and memorization is just a pride trip to elevate yourself, its not going to do you much good.

If you do happen to memorize the whole bible and all your preacher's sermons to boot, well, I'm not sure how holy you would be, but I can pretty much say you will definitely be holy-er than thou!

Remember, the Devil knows the Bible too. Probably better then you do!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bible Memorization made simple.

For those of you who have better things to do than listen to me flap my gum's, I have made a summery of scripture memorization tips.

1.If you're truly serious about getting some chapters down, get an old bible or two, cause some of the pages are going to get smudged and fall out.

Just use them that way, or just print out chapters as needed.

2.Invest in some good Bible CD's, Mp3's etc. You will not only get fed Spiritually but you can focus on one chapter at a time if you need to. And of course they are great when you are riding in the car, traveling, before bed, shower, whatever, use it!

The more you familiarize yourself with the book/chapters your going to memorize the easier it will be. Especially when you run across some chapters that are 71 verses long, like John chapter 6.

Trust me, when your facing 70 verses and you only have one down and you're only vaguely familiar with whats ahead........ Bible CD's can become an invaluable tool, do I need to say more?

I personally like the Bible read by Alexandre Scorby. I made the mistake one time and got the New Testament read by James earl Jones> If you don't mind having Darth Vader read the Bible to you, well then their all yours, I'll send em to ya.

3.Get a note book to write those stubborn verses in and you'll know the kind when you get to them and use the first letter of each word method, if you're using 3 by 5 cards I would usually write the whole verse out on one side and just the first letter's of each word on the back.

First go over the verse while only looking at the letters letting your mind do the work in recalling what words they represent. Then check and double check, and don't forget that the Devil in the mean time is going to be giving you crap, ignore him.

4. Make sure if you can, that the word string that you're memorizing is coherent to you. If its too abstract, then its going to be a bit more difficult to retain it.
But sometimes, in order to get the verse that's following the one you just memorized, you'll have to work in the last few words of your last verse in to the first words of your upcoming verse.

Hope that doesn't sound to confusing.

When you start doing it, you'll know what I am talking about.

5.Repetition is the law memory, you know it and I know it and I know that you don't like it, cause it takes effort, plus, you got the devil screaming in your ear that you're not going to get this down.

If you thought it was just you having a hard time, please factor in the fact that the devil is not going to make it easy on you. Satan, really hates Gods word and would be really happy if you just decided to chuck it all, and go watch TV.

You are going to have to do some fighting, get over it.

On a side note, did you know that God has exalted his word above his name?

Look it up.

Okay, Back to repetition.

Take the pieces of the verse that you're working with and repeat it to yourself out loud.

Reinforcing it audibly really helps.

IE ; In the beginning was the word, In the beginning was the word, In the beginning was the word and the word was with God" Then add more to it, till you have the whole thing, got it ?

6. Review. If you don't review your new memory verses as often as you can least once a day or every other day for the first week, then they are going to go bye bye.

Once you get a whole slew of chapters memorized, its going to get harder to review them all everyday, so once you feel you have some deep in your heart, and you'll know, then you can start dividing them up.
Do a few chapters one day and a few the next and so on.
Another important element in reviewing is, to take your bible, and recheck your verses one by one every so often.
You will be amazed how your brain will replace some wording, especially if you're memorizing the king James version.

Another important thing is ,if you can, review your newest verses before going to sleep even if you have to just read em, it helps a lot.

One of the ways they say to learn a new language is to post the name of the object on the object itself and repeat it often .

So likewise, you can put up your memory verses in places where your going to be seeing them the most,
Put them over the sink where you wash your dishes or on the bathroom walls, make it so that you can always "behold the face of your Father" no matter where you go in your home.

7. Believe it or not, your brain will get tired and more so in the beginning, so if your brain feels like mush, take a break and resume again later or tomorrow, or just take a day off.

* Another thing, unless you don't mind writing out the whole book of John, just use your Bible for reviewing your chapters or the pages that came loose from their binding, and speaking of which display them with pride.

Considering that some bibles only get touched occasionally by a feather duster or just used to prop up the end of the bed when the leg gets busted off.
You actually took yours into battle and wrestled with the devil for it. And though it now lays tattered and torn, you have won a great prize of victory in the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!

Now, go out and get yourself a waterproof bible like I did : )

When it comes to individual verses I would definitely take the time to write them out. I am in the process of rewriting all my verses out again as well, using 5 by 7 cards. And because I am older, P: I can write bigger.
If you can, try and get down more than one verse per card, because if you end up memorizing a 1000 verses, guess what, you're going have a thousand cards too.

Okay # 9 Most likely your going to have to get some small index card file box to store your cards in, because if you have them just laying about hither and yon, someone might come along and toss them into the trash thinking that they do you and God a service.

A topical file system might be the best way if you feel like going through the trouble which is what I am going to do this time. You know, Salvation verses with salvation etc.

10.This is something I almost forgot to mention, and its just my suggestion. If you are going to memorize a whole book,
Do not try and memorize the reference for each verse.

Because sometimes your brain will associate the reference with the whole of the book so you won't be able to recite it smoothly. For example, your brain is going to want to stop and give the referance # at the end of each verse. You don't read chapters that way why recite it that way, capeesh?

That's it for now, but If I remember anymore tips, I will revise this, or if you have any, please feel free to share them , thank you and God bless.

I do recommend doing the references for singular verses. And I have had a thought on how to recall my singular versus, by making them a string of verses all connected like a chapter or chapters, I'll let you know how that works out. 

Happy memorizing!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Okay ! Tips and tricks , for real this time,maybe

Hmmm, this is going to be a short post because, the tips and tricks I am going to share are few and involve.... O no , please don't say work, pleeesse!

well, what if I said hard work? He, he, he!

Nooo,I won't say that but, some work is involved , I know it would be nice if by some reason of osmosis we could just use our bible as a pillow and wake up all knowing, it sure would make things a whole lot easier wouldn't it?

Trust me, there were times that I just tried to will it to be so, but it didn't work, so don't bother.

Presently I am unemployed, and the only income I have at the moment is from my rental property, which ain't much.
But it is a true blessing from God and it has afforded me this unique opportunity to concentrate on my memorization with a fresher mind.

I did try to memorize while working a full time job, and I sympathize with those of you who do work hard and come home feeling like their brain is pretty much like a potato chip. Trust me, I know, and its pretty much all I wanted to eat as well.

One of the solutions with you guys who have to work a full time job is, to grab that cup of coffee when you wake up, and get on the throne with your verse or verses, if your not to lazy, tape it on the wall, do it when you have time and stare at it like a zombie if you have too.
Or if you are lazy, like I am, just hold your bible in one hand and get down to business.
Its going to be slow going for some but if you can get in one a day, your doing great!
And you're going to be amazed in how much easier it will become, it will not only sharpen your mind for memory verses, but you'll notice remembering other things as well, even when you're not trying, and hopefully, that's a good thing.

Don't try and put it off until you get home or you'll be sorry, but if you do make that mistake , don't let the devil condemn you, okay?
Your brain is fried and God knows it, we are after all, but flesh, and God knows that too, just give him a big hug and try again tomorrow.

Its really about repetition,and repetition, unfortunately, is the law of memory, and I don't like it any better than you do.

But,that is the work part, happy now ?

See, its not so bad after all. But,maybe you're still wondering what the heck I'm talking about.

Take Jn 1 verse 1 for example: try to make the piece of the verse you're trying to memorize a coherent string of the sentence. IE: In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God....
and when you feel you have that down, go ahead and add the next piece "the same was in the beginning with God" and just keep adding till your done

If you're memorizing a verse, try to make it digestible to the brain , if its to abstract, well then your brain is going to say, talk to the hand, cause I ain't learning this period.

The Devil tells me every single day when I start a new string of verses.. " O man, your never gonna get this down, this is too much , look at the way they're talking! just put your bible down and take a nap, you're never gonna learn this, this is crap !

Sorry, if this offends you, but if you think that the devil doesn't swear and get pissed off and howl when he see's a Christian trying to do something for Jesus, well then, well see ya when Jesus re-materializes your molecules at the real rapture, see ya at the feast.

Yeah, I know it sounds stupid at first , but just keep repeating: In the beginning,, In the beginning, was the Word, and the word was with God , etc.

Your brain is a muscle of some sort, I don't proclaim to be an expert , but I know that exercising the brain really works, and as you put forth the effort , you will find that memorizing will become easier.

I have down a total of 6 and a half chapters of John, well, not totally down, I have 5 chapters and 29 verses (as of this writing ) down chronologically, plus John 15 which I got down a few years ago, plus scores of other verses and psalms.
Speaking of which, if you do happen to have a few other verses memorized and if your brain is feeling a little foggy, before tackling your main project try reviewing a few before you start, prime the pump so to speak.

I'm telling you right now, it may seem hard at first and the devil is going to throw every doubt and excuse at you in the book on why you're never going to make it.
And he usually starts with the most common since they seem to work pretty well on most people.

Like 'I don't have time for this" or "there's something wrong with me and my brain just can't absorb this" and the most sinister one is the one that is murmured in the crowd "just because he can quote the bible , he thinks he's better than us "
Okay, okay! what about the tips, where are the tips?

When I do run into a stubborn verse that just won't be absorbed,, like Jn 6:22 I get out the pen and paper and write out the first letter of each word in the verse including commas and then go at it that way, it gives your brain enough of a hint, yet still requires you to think and remember.

Plus the act of writing it, helps tremendously. I used to write every verse down on a 3 by 5 card and it is a good way of keeping your verses organized, especially, if you get a plastic ring binder, punch holes if you need to.

I used to pride myself in how small I could write and tried to fit as many verses as I could on a card. Well, I forgot I was going to grow up and get old, do I need to say anymore?
Well I don't use 3 by 5 any more but I do use 5 by 7!

When I memorize a chapter I don't write the whole thing down , except when I run across a stubborn verse that makes me want to scream, like Jn 6:22 which I pretty much have down, most of the time.

Review, review, review!

Once your chapters start coming together use your in-between time to recite and review.

In-between time , what the heck is that?

Have you ever been stuck at a light or in traffic or have your hands in a sink of suds?
That is what In-between time is, and reviewing helps take your mind off an unpleasant situation or task and makes the time fly by.

Okay, so this was suppose to be a short post, but its much longer than I had anticipated.

I will definitely give a condensed version of my tips and tricks in the next post.

Memorize the Book of John

Wait! If your looking for the tips on how to memorize scripture and don't want to hear me flap my jaws then follow this link or look for it on one of my later post within this blog'

The link! ....

Anything beyond this point is listening to me drone on.

It has been ten years or more since I attempted to memorize anything,

I initially wanted to memorize the book of Matthew, and although I did get a few chapters into it.... and yes, I did skip the genealogy and almost felt guilty about it because, how could I then say I had the whole book of Matthew memorized ?

But then, I don't think God would have minded, really!

There is quite a bit of action in the three Gospels before john comparatively speaking, and since I was going to be memorizing  one of the Gospels, and reciting them in a dramatized fashion publicly, I figured action is a good  thing.

 To make a long story short, I decided to go full force into memorizing the book of John, and I don't regret it.

Sure its more wordy and less 'action' than the other Gospels, but the words are so powerful.

And although I have read them over and over for many number of years, it wasn't till I started to commit them to memory that I realized,
I'm getting my freaking mind blown!

Its like the words are alive, almost in a physical sense yet not, but...alternating or phasing almost imperceptible, between dimensions.

Its like they want to slip off the pages and proclaim themselves but are held back by a supernatural force; and yet, here I am, absorbing these supernatural "scribblings" so called into my brain....and I can feel them, swirling around in my being, transforming my way of thinking....

Finally, the reason why of it all.

I want to perform( recite) these words in random places where people tend to hang out.

I have hopes that I will find a partner or partners to join with me in this endeavor, trading off characters and such and having a blast doing it.

More importantly, to share the words of Jesus with those who would benefit greatly at the hearing of them, would bring me profound joy.

More to come, tips and tricks on memorization, plus, its not all roses and the battle, rages on.