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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Putting the Word to work!

I have been concentrating on reviewing the Gospel of John pretty intensely these last few weeks. I really want to know it backwards and forwards, eat, sleep and dream this Gospel. I finally made my decision to go and publicly use what I have learned.
I am not a public speaker and so this will be my first time delivering the Gospel of John to a live audience. And I am hoping to have my first engagement by the first of July or in July that is.

I am also waiting until I can afford to buy a lavaliere wireless mic and test it out and see how that goes with the small acoustic guitar amp I bought for a hundred bucks.
I already see some kinks that I am going to have to work out, as I now realize that I am going to have to stand in front of the amp all the time, cause if I drift to much, its going to seem weird if I am on one side of the room and my voice is coming out of the amp from the other side of the room. although I did see these portable PA"s just yesterday that you attach to your waist like a fanny pack. I wish that I would have seen them sooner.  Sigh...( not sure how good they work though )

But I am going to try and just step out of my comfort zone by faith, and trust that God will bless me and supply what I need to do the job. If I keep waiting till everything is perfect and the way I think it should be, well, I may never get out there and do anything. Unfortunately the devil is always helpful in coming up with excuses of why its not a good idea to get out there and share the Gospel.

Please pray for me. God bless you!

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