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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

John 6

Okay!...... Well as of this afternoon on this lovely September 19th.

Hmm, I tend to think backwards sometimes forgive me.

Its how I talk sometimes when I am nervous. People have a tendency to look at me cross-eyed when I try to speak to them on a bad mental day which is one of the major reasons I am memorizing the book of John.

Its going to help me to be able to witness without so much stumbling around in my brain.

 I'm not saying I just want to be a walking zombie that just quotes scripture. But it really is helping me with my speech deficiencies.

Anyhow, the whole point of this was to let you know that even though I had a toe hold on the last few verses in John 6,
As of this evening I am having some big trouble recalling these last few verses and they're kinda choppy , but I have total confidence that I will have it solidly in my brain in a couple days.

In the beginning when I first started memorizing John I didn't really want to tell anyone except my closest friend, because I didn't want to be like the guy who brags about something he hasn't done yet, and a good scripture for that is 1st kings 20:11 'One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.'"

In other words, the guy who gets back from battle can boast a bit better of what he's accomplish than the guy bragging about what he's going to do, but hasn't done anything yet.

Simple but true, and it seems like I have done this before in other areas in my life, and with God.

It's not the simple proclamation that" I will never drink again "after waking up with the most wicked hangover that has ever attached itself upon human flesh.
Because I distinctly remember a few more of those over the coarse of my life, and none of them were good.
In fact I can't remember one good hangover, I can't ever remember waking up and saying, man this is the best hangover I have ever had.

What I am trying to say is, that its better not to say you're  going to do something and then,  not do it. you're probably looking at me and saying, yeah, duh!

I know, but it is kinda humiliating when someone come's up and ask you, "Hey, how's that book of John coming along?" And you just kinda hang your head and mumble something
That's why I don't promise God anything anymore unless I am positively serious about keeping my vow.
The bible say's in  Ecclesiastes that its better not to make a vow then to make one and not keep it , plus in Matthew he said to swear not at all, Mt 5 :34
Its better that way if you're not going to keep your word , plus, most people just want to bargain with God  and usually end up abandoning him when he's done his part.

The crux of the matter is don't make promises that you know you're gonna have a problem keeping, but if you did make a promise to God and broke it, just pray and tell him your sorry.
For if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

The best solution for your personal battles is, don't try to make a bargain with God and say , well Lord, I promise not to do such and such anymore.  Because the devil is going to take up the challenge and say uh huh, will see about that and when you fall on your face and feel totally condemned for failing, he's going to be there laughing his ass off.

Just say, Lord, I am having a battle in this, please help me over come it and  help me do the best I can.

one of the great things about the Lord Jesus is that he will never leave you nor forsake you and is always willing to give you another chance to start over.  He wants you to succeed , he''s rooting for you and cheering you on !

Do your part and the Lord will do his, and eventually your going to get the victory!

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