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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Memorize the Book of John

Wait! If your looking for the tips on how to memorize scripture and don't want to hear me flap my jaws then follow this link or look for it on one of my later post within this blog'

The link! ....

Anything beyond this point is listening to me drone on.

It has been ten years or more since I attempted to memorize anything,

I initially wanted to memorize the book of Matthew, and although I did get a few chapters into it.... and yes, I did skip the genealogy and almost felt guilty about it because, how could I then say I had the whole book of Matthew memorized ?

But then, I don't think God would have minded, really!

There is quite a bit of action in the three Gospels before john comparatively speaking, and since I was going to be memorizing  one of the Gospels, and reciting them in a dramatized fashion publicly, I figured action is a good  thing.

 To make a long story short, I decided to go full force into memorizing the book of John, and I don't regret it.

Sure its more wordy and less 'action' than the other Gospels, but the words are so powerful.

And although I have read them over and over for many number of years, it wasn't till I started to commit them to memory that I realized,
I'm getting my freaking mind blown!

Its like the words are alive, almost in a physical sense yet not, but...alternating or phasing almost imperceptible, between dimensions.

Its like they want to slip off the pages and proclaim themselves but are held back by a supernatural force; and yet, here I am, absorbing these supernatural "scribblings" so called into my brain....and I can feel them, swirling around in my being, transforming my way of thinking....

Finally, the reason why of it all.

I want to perform( recite) these words in random places where people tend to hang out.

I have hopes that I will find a partner or partners to join with me in this endeavor, trading off characters and such and having a blast doing it.

More importantly, to share the words of Jesus with those who would benefit greatly at the hearing of them, would bring me profound joy.

More to come, tips and tricks on memorization, plus, its not all roses and the battle, rages on.


  1. You are great, saw your comment as well
    I am also thinking on starting but not sure which book will encourage me to continue going. You have inspired me.

  2. Awesome, Praise God, Halleluiah!!!