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Sunday, October 2, 2011

John Chapter 7, Revisited

I almost have John chapter 7 down.

It was a little bit harder than I thought it was going to be.
There were a few mind twirlers that my brain would not except at first, but, with mad dog persistence and the grace of God, they finally clicked in.

Ding! update

Here it is Oct 2 and I am still smoothing out the edges of chapter 6 and chapter 7.

Some days I have no problem whatsoever, and on other days it seems like I've dropped a few brain cells.

I'm pretty excited because I am going to start on chapter 8 today. And I'm getting more and more pumped up the closer I get to chapter 11, because that will mean I will be 1/2 way through the book of John.
Getting past the eleventh chapter is going to be like turning the corner and seeing the finish line in the distance,and what was a mirage a few days ago, is now becoming reality.

The Chapters should go a bit faster after chapter eleven  because they are not as long, and when I get to chapter 15, it means I can jump to 16 because I already have 15 memorized!  yay!

I think when I get chapter 9 down I will be heading to the streets to see if I can practice publicly. I have already scouted a couple places that might work.
The line at the DMV in the town I live near is always backed up outside, and the wait is atrocious, so I was thinking I could recite John there. ( nothing like a captive audience )

To get used to being in public again, I could practice downtown, but the the town is small and the foot traffic is inconsistent, but I was going to utilize a poster board to advertise the recital and sort of validate my presence and that I am not just some lunatic or lone fool  muttering things to the air.

Although I am a fool for Christ sake.

The whole purpose of this is to glorify God and be a witness and share the Gospel, so the sooner I get used to reciting in public with all of it distractions, noise and confusions, the more confidence I will have, and that, with greater clarity and focus.

Well, I have to get ready, I have been wandering from church to church searching for a memorization  partner, but to no avail so far, they just look at me like they don't know what I am talking about. So keep me in your prayers as this is an adventure not only in memorization but in a search for like minded Christians, and most importantly to seek and save that which is lost by lifting up Jesus who will draw all men unto him.

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