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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Book of Romans

Well, I have had two people say if they had a choice to memorize a book from the Bible, they would memorize the book of Romans.

The Book of Romans is definitely a literary masterpiece!

I love it!

There are treasures new and old to be found there.

Statements of profound and God inspired truths, that have remolded entire cultures and nations are within its pages!

But, I am not a Jew steeped in century's of Judaism  or am I ministering to the said mentioned.
And as I said, in addition to all the wonderful things scattered about in Romans that are of great value to the christian walk, a majority of it is a dissertation on the law and its repudiation.

I am looking for things the average Joe can relate to, like  the "simplicity of the Gospels.

To get bogged down in legalistic arguments and complicated jargon that only a Jew could comprehend would be a waste of precious time . I'm not saying I don't like it, in fact I enjoy when Paul gets down, he is pretty amazing! All Glory to God of coarse.

But again, I a don't really run into  that many Jews to witness to to justify memorizing the whole book of Romans.

Anyhow, that's just my opinion. If you want to memorize The Book of Romans, by all means go for it, I ain't stopping you.

Now there are a couple of  chapters I will be memorizing, Lord willing. chapter one and eight for example.

Anyway, I was listening to 1st Timothy and 2nd Timothy in the car today and I got to thinking how wonderful these shorter books are and how much wisdom and practical guidance are packed into these shorter missives of wonderfulness . I may work these into my being, along with 1st and 2nd Peter and the Thessalonians, and Philippians.
or I may do Luke or a medley of end-time verses which are definitely pertinent to these times and seasons.

Man , time is short many verses so many chapters, if I only had not wasted so much of my time in this world on foolishness.


Okay, maybe I will get around to memorizing the book of Romans. But I think I will finish the Book of Mark first, then get most of the shorter Epistles down as well,  then hit Romans and Hebrews.

 Like I said, there is a lot in Romans that I would love to have in my memory. But if I found a memory partner and they said well I;ll join you if we can do the book of Romans.

You what?

I would go for it !

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