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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Comments and answers, since blogger comments are broken!!

Attention everyone! ............Yippee! 

 I will post original comments on this page with their answers, while we wait until they fix the Blogger comment box which shows the original comments but not the reply's .....Lame.

Hi! I came across your blog linked from another site. Thanks so much for all the great information! I started memorizing about 6 months ago and have found that there aren't many people who see the value in memorizing something that you can look up on your iPhone in 30 seconds. I have really found that scripture has so much more power and meaning in my life when I commit it to memory. So far, I've done James, 1st Corinthians 13, and Matthew 5-7. I'm about to start John 14-17 and hopefully eventually the whole book of John. I'm encouraged to find other people who have found the value in doing this as well and look forward to keeping up with your blog. on More memory tips and links

my Response:

Greetings Lauren ,

I am really happy that you found some of this information helpful.

 I, like you, have discovered a "secret' untapped  power source, which over time I think has been forgotten and disgarded as something no longer needed and unnecessary 'work'.
But as an archeologist, when he discovers an ancient find, an article of immense power and puts it to use, not realizing at first  the profound affect that its going to have on his life, one day finds himself changing into something that only the supernatural power of Gods word could bring about.

And I am happy for you that you have discovered this fact for yourself, and I encourage you to press on, no matter now you feel or how hard it may seem at the moment .
You will succeed by the grace of God. And you are going to be sooo happy that you did!

God bless you in Jesus name, let me know how its going from time to time , it would be an encouragement to me and all who may stumble upon this blog.

I just wanted to add to this post because I began thinking about what I said and I sounded like, O man am I special or what?

 I want to say I am sorry, I could have deleted it but I left it, so you can all see what a dufuss I am.

Its only Jesus!

There are a lot of Christians out there who memorize and have a tremendous knowledge of the Bible, to whom I could not hold a candle too. And these Children of God have done so much for Jesus and I desire to emulate them, and pray that I can  do at least as half as much........ God bless you all.

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