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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A slow down!

This will be short, I am finishing the last 3 verses in chapter 17. Praise God!

why its taking me so long ?

There has been battles in my personal life that have slowed me down a bit and most of it has been my inability to find like minded individuals who have a passion for the word.
And not only the word but getting out and witnessing and doing some soul winning.

Well not that Christains don't liike the word, its that no one seems to interested in memorizing it, much less sharing it with others, except maybe for tournaments or something .

I am visiting this church who have the kids/teens/young adults, memorizing for the tournaments and I felt kinda of jealous because the adults/old farts don't have such a program.
So I thought well maybe I can help out a little, if nothing else, at least give them a few tips on how I memorize and what I have learned and asked the pastor a few times if I could help out and received no answer.

Its not like I am going about and saying "look at me everybody, I'm so awesome, Look at me! "

You know, every Christian wants to feel like they are being used by the Lord.

I'm thinking to myself, well I ain't good for much in this church, except as a pew warmer. Well, I do have one talent, here let me go get it !      ( gets shovel )  Oh, you don't want it ? okay ( gets shovel )

you know what ?

I knew trying to fit in with the established religious system would suck. its not about me either. I have been going to various churches in the area trying to find one that I could fit in with and have something in common. Man, they are all the same, with their personal corner that they claim to have on God. Their own little pet doctrines that they think makes them special and thee anointed ones.

They all talk about each other in an off hand way, its usually a ridicule or some bold arrogant statement of "fact" that no else is saved but them, how sad.

Either they are so fanatic that they brook no resistance and have become so harden in their nature, that they forget to become all things to all men, loosing the love and compassion of the Good Shepherd.

Or they have become all soft and squishy, obscure members of a congregation, quick to enter and quick to leave. Having performed their perceived obligatory duty, meld back into the world, having sacrificed their time on the altar of the preachers long harangue.

To clarify things a bit I don't mean that everyone is like that, because I have met a lot of people I have felt a lot of love for, and have grown quite fond of them and care for them deeply and I know they are doing the best they can with what they have.
But because of the the way the church system operates it has conditioned man to be weak and dependent on the preacher.
Church buildings should be the place to go after the battle of hand to hand combat with the enemy, in ripping away captive souls from the enemy's  clutches.

Church buildings (if such money should be even wasted at all ) should be a meeting place to share your testimonies of how the Lord has blessed you  in your weekly fight overcoming the enemy and leading people to Jesus and then share the word and get recharged and fellowship with one another.

That's right, get to know one another!

I don't know about you but, a handshake does not constitute fellowship in my book.

Sure, you may all feel a bit "shy" at first.

But you know why?

Its because you're not all on the same page!


You want the key to perfect fellowship were everyone can feel comfortable in their conversation and where everyone can participate ?

Follow the advice of this verse and you will have it:

Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.

O no , did I just rant? 

Soooo, I am 3 verses off from having the book of John officially Memorized.
I did it guys, I did  it ! By the Grace and power of God I did it. all glory goes to him!!

 I recited 10 chapters today in my review time almost flawlessly, and I am not ashamed to say that afterword's I just wept at the beauty and power of God through his word, and that he gave me such a gift, to be a vessel, a container of the words of life, what a privilege.

Now, what next, Matthew,  Mark or Luke?

Some said Romans, but I will tell you why I will not, in my next post.

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